The Tragedy behind “Cheap” Plastic Surgery

A Miami resident and mother of six died one day after receiving liposuction from a non-board certified doctor. Kellee Lee-Howard’s autopsy report stated she died of an overdose of the painkiller lidocaine. The doctor who performed the surgery was not only non-board certified but he performed the operation in a place not registered as a surgery center. It’s tragic and it’s too common as the economy continues to plummet and Americans are seeking new ways to save money with “cheap” and “quick” fixes. [Video after the Break] In nearby Weston, Fla., Rohie Kah-Orukotan, 37, was rushed to the hospital and died a week after getting liposuction from another doctor who wasn’t a plastic surgeon. That surgery was performed at a “medspa” where she also got manicures. These types of surgeries are among a soaring number of procedures that cut costs and promise the same quality as certified medical surgery centers. It’s a lucrative field that preys on women who are suffering from the poor economy but still want to transform their appearance. Unfortunately, most legislators and regulators have done little to stop doctors that are trained in one specialty yet jumping into another. What’s scariest is that sixteen states have even intesified the problem by making it easier for dentists trained as oral surgeons to perform cosmetic surgery. New York is considering joining them, after the New York State Dental Association showered legislators with $2.5 million in political donations since 2004. James Hinsdale, a general surgeon and president of the California Medical Association, states the obvious: “Plastic surgeons, no matter how you mince it, have had the best training to do plastic surgery.” How can you defend your body against a so-called “plastic surgeon”? Check certifications prior to your consultation. Be sure to ask for visible proof that your surgeon is certified with no red flags in his or her file. Should you have any questions regarding the matter, contact the medical team at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery.

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