What’s Realistic Expectations?

When it comes to plastic surgery, it is often important for our plastic surgeons to ensure that “realistic expectations” are met. Unlike other types of surgeries, the decision to undergo plastic surgery is deeply personal and strictly voluntary. For this reason, it’s important for our surgeons to understand the whys of getting plastic surgery in addition to all of the factors that need to be met. We set realistic expectation upon the first consultation so you don’t go into surgery expecting to come out of it with different, more dramatic results. Continue reading

Running for Shelly

The 26.2 with Donna National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer hits close to home for a lot of Jacksonville citizens. Most of us have been affected by cancer in some way or another and the staff at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery is no different. Shelly is long-time staff member at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery. As a receptionist, she’s brought smiles and positive energy to each of our patients and has a natural ability to make everyone feel special. For so many years, she’s been more than just a receptionist at PVPS – she’s been a friend, a confidante, and a support for fellow staff members and patients alike. During Christmas 2011, Shelly was diagnosed with breast cancer and it rocked the staff at PVPS.  The team had been familiar with working with patients who had breast cancer and needed reconstructive surgery but this was different – Shelly was one of their own, she was a member of the family. The staff at PVPS decided to do something so they founded TEAM SHELLY and sponsored The 26.2 with Donna National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer. “Shelly has been so strong and so encouraging even while fighting off this terrible disease,” says Adrian Gibbs, Community Relations Manager at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery. “Honoring her and showing her our support through “TEAM SHELLY” was the least we could do!” To support Shelly and all of those diagnosed with breast cancer, the team at PVPS donated their time and money to the 26.2 with Donna race. The team, which was comprised of 10 members divided into two relay teams, raised $1500 for breast cancer research. As one of the pinnacle sponsors of the event, the entire team was able to share Shelly’s story and connect with survivors on a personal level both at the race day event and the convention prior. “My favorite part was handing out our sunscreen samples after the race and being able to look at people in the eyes and say “thank you” and “great job” knowing that every person that was at the race was somehow touched by breast cancer whether it be personally or through a family member or friend,” says Adrian. The staff at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery would like to take this time to thank all of the participants of the 26.2 with Donna Run and we hope to see you there next year!