Florida has reached a settlement with Lifestyle Lift®

Florida’s Attorney General, Pam Bondi, announced the settlement with Lifestyle Lift® in our state. “Lifestyle Lift has agreed to change its marketing materials and practices to eliminate any possible consumer confusion about its services,” Bondi said.

Lifestyle Lift® has been under investigation for several years while the Florida Attorney General’s office evaluated the accuracy and fairness of claims made through its advertising to consumers about its facial rejuvenation services.

In the Florida settlement, Lifestyle Lift® must disclose any compensation paid to models used in advertisements and materials. The company must also disclose the services performed on those models and comply with FTC guidelines regarding before and after images used for endorsements and testimonials. The company can no longer use the term “revolutionary procedure” in its marketing materials.

In addition, consumers in Florida who experienced unsatisfactory services between
6/1/09 and 6/10/13 may be entitled to a refund by submitting a claim form to Lifestyle Lift® by 9/8/13. You can download a copy of Lifestyle Lift® settlement with Florida via this link. The claim form is the final page of that document.

In 2009, Lifestyle Lift® was charged with “astroturfing” for posting fake reviews on various websites, alleging they were written by satisfied customers. The settlement required payment of a $300,000 fine to the state of New York and promises not to post fraudulent reviews moving forward.