No Pain, No Gain? Not So with Fractional Laser Treatment

Laser technology has become integral to the medical care delivered today. Different laser devices have been developed for specific purposes. In the hands of a skilled clinician, lasers can be used to address just about any skin condition that you may encounter.

The original laser treatments that were used for aesthetic improvement tended to be ablative in nature. Ablative laser treatment is conducted to remove the outermost layer of skin cells. Additionally, underlying tissues are heated in order to promote the regeneration of collagen fibers to achieve tighter, more radiant skin. An approach that can ultimately improve the tone, texture, and elasticity of the skin, ablative treatment is also not without certain disadvantages. These include a risk of discoloration, scarring, and infection. Less severe side effects include prolonged redness and swelling in the treatment area.

Fractional Laser Treatment: A Gentler Approach

The development of fractional laser devices has been a significant improvement in the way we address cosmetic and dermatologic concerns. This method can achieve beautiful results, but with a much lesser degree of risk and side effects.

Fractional laser resurfacing is a non-ablative treatment that is intended for collagen rebuilding. Collagen is vital to the overall appearance of the skin, yet the body makes less and less as it ages. With fractional lasers, we stimulate collagen production without taking off the top layer of skin. The gentler approach results in gradual improvement with only minimal redness that lasts a few days.

How Fractional Laser Treatment Works

Unlike traditional lasers, the fractional device emits thousands of beams of light rather than one. Each column is only a fraction of the size of a hair follicle. Because only micro-areas of the skin are affected by the laser, there is a heightened response from healthy surrounding tissues in the restructuring of collagen.

In addition to the collagen stimulation that is compounded by healthy skin, the minimal disruption to cells promotes a faster recovery. The gentleness of fractional laser resurfacing causes progressive improvement in the appearance of melasma, hyperpigmentation from sun damage, rough texture, and fine lines and wrinkles. One to two sessions may be scheduled, depending on the desired outcome.

Like other laser treatments, fractional lasers are varied in what they are designed to do. Whereas one may be chosen to address photoaging, another type may be selected for wrinkle-reduction.

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Blepharoplasty…Why I decided to have eyelid surgery.



Thinking about making a change? We spoke with Corinne Howard about her decision to have an eyelid lift surgery (Blepharoplasty) with Dr.Scioscia at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery.

Why did you decide to have blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) surgery?
I am proud of my Norwegian heritage and genetics, but my genetically heavy eyelids were causing people to make comments like “you look tired” or “your eyes look puffy today.” By the end of the day, my lids actually felt heavy, and my makeup would also crease in my eyelid and create a very obvious line.

How long had you been thinking about getting the surgery before you made your first appointment?
The look of my heavy eyelids really started to bother me in high school.  I remember using cucumbers and trying different home remedies to alleviate the puffiness.  I distinctly remember this on the day of my senior pictures.  My eyelids, especially in photos, bothered me for about 10 years before I realized there was something that I could do.  When I saw before and after photos I decided to get serious about plastic surgery.

How was your recovery time?
The short recovery time for such a significant result was so worth it!  I was under anesthesia for the surgery, but only for about 45 minutes.  I used cold compresses for the first 48 hours following surgery for comfort and swelling.  My sutures were removed after about five days, and then surgical tape was placed over the incisions for about 2-3 more days.  I returned to work on day five, I felt great, and I was able to do just about anything.

How do the results of your surgery change the way you feel about yourself?
I have always been a confident person, but I don’t feel self-conscious about my eyes at all anymore.  I actually like seeing my own photos now and I enjoy putting on make-up now.  My eyelashes even look longer because they are not being weighed down by my lids.  We have enough things to worry about as aging women.  I am all about doing things that improve how we feel about our own appearance.

Did you tell your friends and family about your plans to move forward with the surgery?  What kinds of reactions did you receive?
I told a few people that I planned to have the surgery.  I was surprised when I got reactions like “why would you do that you are so young,” and “Aren’t you concerned to have surgery on your face?”  I didn’t let that deter me however because I had done my research and was certain that I had chosen the very best, board certified, plastic surgeon in town. It’s ironic because patients often tell me that they “don’t want to have that deer in the headlights look” without even realizing that I had the surgery.  Quite honestly, unless you knew me before surgery, you would never know I had it done…well, until now that it is on the internet!  I have absolutely no regrets.  Bottom line, blepharoplasty was absolutely the right surgery for me, and Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery was the right place for me to have it done.

What about the cost?
Even though my drooping eyelids were not considered medically necessary by my insurance company, I feel the cost of this cosmetic surgery was worth every penny!  My before and after pictures speak for themselves!  I chose to have my procedure done at the Ponte Vedra Ambulatory Surgery Center so it actually cost me less than a hospital and was very affordable.

What would you say to someone who has been wanting to make a change in their appearance but is still on the fence about it?
Educate yourself.  Do your research.  Look at before and after photos.  Only consider surgery with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Plastic Surgeons are held to the highest standards in the realm of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries.  It can be very overwhelming, but just schedule a consultation.  There may even be new technology that can address your appearance without surgery.  The Board Certified Plastic Surgeon you chose should be able to speak to you about traditional as well as cutting edge technologies that can help you improve your appearance.

Where can someone go to learn more about blepharoplasty surgery?
I had my surgery at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery.  I could not be happier with my experience.  You can see my clinical before and after photos at  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is also a great resource for finding a doctor and starting research

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Posted by: Corinne Howard



Confessions of an expert: What’s inside Debra Knight’s Beauty Cabinet?

 Debra Debra Knight Aesthetician/Skin Care Specialist

Hi, my name is Debra Knight and I wanted to take a moment to share with you my skin care regimen. Here at PVPS we stand by our commitment to our patients by insuring you get the results you expect. We are able to assist in your expectations by insuring we give you the proper regimens that will work for you based on your concerns and skin type.

I have oily aging skin with the occasional hormonal breakouts. I tend to be very oily in the summer and during the winter normal with some dryness. In order to correct my concerns and based on my skin type the below is the regimen I use.

Debra’s Daily Skincare Regimen:





ZO Exfoliating Cleanser

ZO FoamaCleanse with Clarisonic

ZO Intense Eye Repair

ZO Skin Polish

ZO C-Bright

ZO Intense Eye Repair

ZO Glycogent

ZO C-Bright

ZO Daily Power and Defense

ZO Retamax

ZO SPF 50/Primer

ZO Serum Growth Factor Plus

If you are interested in having your own skin care regimen, call our office today to schedule your complimentary consultation with Aesthetician Debra Knight at our Ponte Vedra Beach location.


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Waist Training or a Tummy Tuck: Which is Right for You?

There is an interesting phenomenon in current culture that has some reaching back into ancient times to try beauty enhancing methods that haven’t been used in centuries. One such practice is waist training. Because several beauty icons of today have been very obvious about their waist training practices (Thanks, Kardashians!), there is a fair amount of confusion pertaining to the efficacy – and the safety of these products.

Obviously, waist training is considered by people who want to improve the contours of their body. While we understand the draw of non-surgical contouring, it is very important that men and women seeking physical improvement know what they may be getting themselves into.

Waist Training 101

Training the waist is a practice that women have performed for far too long. This method of altering the structure of the mid-section dates back to Ancient African and Asian cultures. It was seen again in the 1500s, when women laced themselves tightly into corsets hidden beneath clothing. To train the waist often meant to wear a restrictive garment for several days or several weeks at a time. This is because it takes time to morph the body to your will.

It is understandable to desire attractive contours. What is not understandable is altering the structure of your rib cage in order to achieve a slimming effect. Waist training affects more than the waist, it can cause the lower ribs to turn inward, ultimately displacing internal organs. This cannot be beneficial from a health standpoint.

How About an Exercise Waist Trainer?

In an attempt to make waist training safe, some have resorted to promoting the waist trainer only during exercise. This type of trainer is like the ultimate spandex belt, designed to compress tissues to push out excess water. The issue with an exercise trainer is that it produces only temporary results while also inhibiting oxygen uptake. Without sufficient oxygen during your workouts, you are likely to wind up on the floor, wondering what happened.

Turn to the Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, has helped millions of men and women reduce the circumference of their midsection. This precise surgical procedure can remove excess fat and tighten muscles so you can once again see your six-pack, if that is your goal. Performed under anesthesia in an accredited surgery center by a board-certified surgeon, the tummy tuck is less risky than a waist trainer, and gives you results without putting your health at risk.

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What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is a Radiofrequency(RF) treatment designed to comfortably heat the treated tissue to increase collagen production and cause new cell growth. This leads to overall vaginal tightening.

What clinical concerns does ThermiVa treat?

ThermiVa treats loose tissues, orgasmic dysfunction, vaginal dryness and stress incontinence (peeing when you sneeze, cough or jump) which often results after pregnancy and due to the natural aging process. Women no longer have to “deal with” the worry about urine accidents and painful, uncomfortable or unsatisfying sexual intercourse.  This exciting new, non-invasive technology is proving to be life changing and is literally turning back the clock.

What are the other options for urinary incontinence?

Bladder training, insert able semi-permanent devices, surgery and medications.

How long does the procedure take?

ThermiVa takes approximately 30 minutes depending on the individual concerns and the treatment plan.

How is it performed?

A small probe is used internally and externally by one of our nurse practitioners directing the radio frequency into the area. There is a warm sensation at times but there is no pain.

What is the down time after the procedure?

One of the highlights of ThermiVa is there is no downtime. Patients can return to all of their normal activities the same day.  And there is no pain.

How many treatments are recommended?

A series of 3 treatments are recommended four weeks apart. Followed by yearly touchups as needed.

What are the cosmetic benefits to ThermiVa?

Labiaplasty is one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgeries to improve the appearance of the vagina. The down time, cost and recovery time are all things to consider with a surgical procedure versus ThermiVa, a minimally invasive procedure with no downtime and no pain. ThermiVa tightens labial tissue for a more aesthetic appearance.

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Written By: Suzanne Reibling, MSN ARNP, FNP-BC