Brown patches, age spots and Hydroquinone


Why do I have brown patches and spots on my face?

This is caused by overstimulated and irregular pigment production, known as hyper-pigmentation. Some contributing factors are sun exposure, heat, injury, hormone fluctuations and pregnancy.

How can I improve this condition?

There are medical grade skin care products and treatments effective in improving and controlling this chronic condition.

What are effective products?

Hydroquinone (HQ) is a result oriented product to help suppress the pigment production. This pigment begins deep in the basal layer of your skin. It is recommended to use HQ for no more than 5 months.

What are the concerns of using HQ for more than 5 months?

Long term use of HQ alone can become non-effective in treating hyper-pigmentation.

Some studies have shown that there is a rare condition called exogenous ochronosis that was linked with prolonged hydroquinone use longer than 6 months. This can cause the skin to present with brown-grey or blue-black hyper-pigmentation and is very difficult to treat.

Should you immediately stop HQ if you’re using it for more than 5 months?

It is NOT recommended to abruptly stop HQ use, but to gradually wean off of it as you replace it with a medical grade NON HQ product such as Zein Obagi MD’s (ZO) Brightenex, Brightalive, or for a more mild condition, C-Bright maybe the best choice for you.

The danger in discontinuing HQ without weaning off and replacing it with an alternative pigment regulator could result in rebound hyper-pigmentation which means you may develop more unwanted pigment as the suppression of HQ has been removed.

Where can I go to have someone help me get on the right skin care regimen for my specific concerns?

You will find 6 very caring and qualified Medical Aestheticians at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery ( able to improve skin conditions such as aging, hyper-pigmentation and acne by using medical grade products and treatments. You can also utilize our Nurse Practitioners for laser treatments such as the Halo and BBL, that can also help to fight hyper-pigmentation. Here at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery you have a team of experts at your fingertips!

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Kim Lindsey – Aestheticiankim


Perfect Summer Skincare Treatments


During summer months we typically spend more time outdoors. Activities such as cookouts, picnics, sporting events, pool and beach time means more UV exposure. We all know how very critical daily sunscreen application and reapplication are, but what are the best skin care treatments to promote skin health and radiance during this time without down time?  The aestheticians at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery recommend the DF Facial, Hydrafacial MD, and Hydrafacial Elite.

The DF Facial is a very relaxing treatment that combines spa-like pampering with clinical benefits to the skin. During this treatment, sound waves (sonophoresis) are used to deliver vitamin A deep within the skin to build collagen. Another unique feature of this treatment is microcurrent (iontophoresis) which gently and effectively tones facial muscles; almost like pilates for the face! This entire treatment is completely painless and extremely relaxing. Your skin will be noticeably nourished, hydrated, and have a gorgeous glow after receiving the DF Facial. There is no down time with this treatment, which takes 90 minutes and the cost is $200.

Hydrafacial MD is a true clinical treatment like no other. Our aesthetician uses a machine to deep cleanse, gently exfoliate with mild suction and mild exfoliants, extract pores painlessly, all while simultaneously infusing numerous antioxidants and plumping hyaluronic acid into the deep tissues of your skin. The result is extremely clean, noticeably plumper, hydrated skin. You will possess a glow to your complexion that will last for about a week. This painless, clinical treatment takes 30 minutes and the cost is $175 but we have an amazing summer special going on please call our office to get the details.

Our aesthetician can also step up this already fabulous treatment to the Hydrafacial Elite, which also includes a specialty serum vial and LED light therapy . Infusing a specialized concoction of Dermal Repair serum or Growth Factor serum will result in increased collagen production. LED light therapy specifically chosen for your skin concerns will build collagen, reduce inflammation, reduce bacteria, and improve overall complexion appearance. The Hydrafacial Elite is a painless, one hour treatment and the cost is $250.00

Andrea Written By: Aesthetician Andrea Bailey

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Saying good-bye to bikini blues…Why I decided to have a breast augmentation.

We all know the lyrics to the song by Brian Holand “It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini…” and unlike the girl in the song, we do not want you to be afraid to come out in the open!

Thinking about making a change? We spoke with Naomi Horton about her decision to have a breast augmentation with Dr. Rumsey at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery.

NAomi       Naomi Horton- Patient Concierge

  • Why did I decide to have a breast augmentation?
    Unfortunately in my family none of the women were blessed to have anything more than an “A” cup. I lived my entire life wearing padded bras and padded swimsuits. I am a fairly thin person who doesn’t have that hour glass shape so to be completely flat chested as well, really affected my self-confidence. I never felt very feminine in my clothes as they did not fit the way I wanted them to.


  • How long had you been thinking about getting surgery before you made your first appointment?
    Right after puberty once I realized my breast were fully developed I started thinking about plastic surgery. Many of the females in my family have breast augmentations. It was kind of a joke in our family that if any of the women want breasts then they would have to purchase them. I waited until my thirties to have my breast augmentation, as I wanted to get past my baby bearing years.


  • How did your consultation go?
    I met with Dr. Rumsey at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery and he was absolutely fabulous. He had the best bedside manners and I knew immediately that he was going to be my surgeon. He was extremely thorough and explained the entire process. He showed me where the incisions would be made, determined that the implant needed to be placed under my muscle since I did not have a lot of breast tissue. He explained the difference between the three types of implants that PVPS offered. He also recommended an implant that would look the most proportionate on me. The exciting part of the consult was that I got the opportunity to try on sizers. Plus they had a computer simulated program called Crisalix that I was able to download a few pictures of my breasts and actually see what the different size implants and shapes would look like on me. I decided to go with the round silicone gel, high profile 325CC.


  • How was your recovery time?
    My full recovery took about six weeks and I thought the actual surgery was a piece of cake. I had my surgery on a Wednesday and I was back to work that following Monday. I had never been under anesthesia before so I was a little apprehensive about that however, once I met my anesthesiologist and knew that he was Board Certified and would be in the operating room monitoring me the entire time I felt at ease. I had no complications from the anesthesia at all. The recovery room nurses were so compassionate, which added to the ease of the procedure. The main things I had to watch were weight restrictions. I couldn’t lift any more than 10 pounds for the first two weeks and no more than 20 pounds from week two to six. At the six week mark I returned to normal activity and exercise.


  • How did the results of your surgery change the way you feel about yourself?
    It has been four years since my breast augmentation and they are still absolutely my favorite body part. I feel so much more feminine and my clothes finally fit like they are supposed to. I haven’t bought a padded swim suit or bra since and it is so liberating. My breasts look so natural, like I was born that way. The best part is no one would ever know I had a breast augmentation unless I told them. The decision to have a breast augmentation has given me the confidence that I lacked.


  • Did you tell your friends and family about your plans to move forward with the surgery? What kinds of reactions did you receive?
    I definitely told all my friends and family about my decision to get a breast augmentation. None of them were surprised by my decisions because I had been talking about it for years and I have always complained about my flat chest. They were all very supportive and encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to do to feel better about myself. After I got my breast augmentation my sister and cousin were soon to follow after they saw my amazing results.


  • What about the cost?
    The cost was very affordable and customized to me. It is based on the amount of time you will be in surgery and the type of implant that is selected. The cost was all inclusive, so it included anesthesia, facility fee, the surgical bra that I was supplied and all of my follow up appointments. I was also offered finance options with Carecredit and Alphaeon.


  • What would you say to someone who has been wanting to make a change in their appearance but is still on the fence about it?
    I would advise them to schedule a consultation with one of the six Board Certified Plastic Surgeons at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery. Together the surgeons have over 130 years of experience. The consultations are so thorough and detailed that after I finished mine I could not wait to have the breast augmentation. Dr Rumsey was so informative, compassionate and professional. He put all of my apprehensions at ease and I knew right then that I had made the right decision and had chosen the right surgeon.


  • Where can someone go to learn more about breast augmentation surgery?
    I had my surgery at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery and I am thrilled with my results. You can learn additional information about this procedure and flip through the before and after photo gallery at The America Society of Plastic Surgeons is also a great resource for learning additional information and finding a doctor

Summer time is here and if you are having bikini blues….

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73303 Emily McLaughlin Aesthetician/Skincare Specialist

Dear reader,

My name is Emily McLaughlin and I wanted to take a moment to share with you my skin care regimen.  At Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery we offer only medical grade and prescription strength products that will achieve the best results for your skin. That means that the concentrations of ingredients in our products are higher than the ingredients in the products you might buy over the counter, or at a department store. I try to be as consistent as possible with both my morning and evening regimen as well as getting monthly exfoliating treatments. I always tell my patient’s that it’s just like going to the gym; the more consistent you are with your skin, the more results you see!

My main concern is age prevention and acne. My skin is oily, which is caused by overactive sebaceous activity. I also still fight acne at the age of 32. With this in mind, suppressing oil production, inflammation, clearing up break outs and preventing aging is key to my personal complexion success. I have found the perfect combination of products that are aggressive without exacerbating inflammation. My skin has never looked better! My regimen currently consists of ZO SkinHealth by Dr. Obagi and we carry this line at all of our locations. Below you will find my skin care regimen/daily routine. I have provided an explanation for each product that I use. I hope you find this educational as well as helpful.


  • Oilacleanse  – Cleanser for oily skin that provides a light exfoliation using jojoba beads while removing oil, impurities and make up.
  • Exfoliating Polish – a scrub with fine granules called magnesium crystals (feels like a sugar scrub.) It exfoliates dead skin, smooths the complexion and promotes blood circulation, allowing your products to penetrate better
  • Cebatrol Pads – 2% salicylic pads that help to normalize pore size, remove inflammatory agents that cause irritation and aides in the prevention of acne
  • Daily Power Defense– a serum that repairs damaged cells, protects against future damage and contains powerful anti-oxidants that help to fight and protect your skin from free radicals in the air. These free radicals attack your skin throughout the day and can cause damage. It has a silky, moisturizing feel to it. Everyone should use this product.
  • Smart Tone SPF 50 – This sunscreen is awesome! It adjusts to the pigment of your skin and helps to even out your tone using vitamin C.  This formula creates a nice, natural glow for your skin.  The more you rub it in, the darker the shade. It protects your skin from UVA, UVB and HEV rays.  Great for underneath your make up or as a standalone natural tint.


  • Oilacleanse– See above.
  • Vita Scrub– this is an invigorating scrub that is slightly more aggressive than the exfoliating polish, it combines chemical exfoliation with physical exfoliation (micro beads) it removes dead skin cells, dirt, excess sebum (oil), white heads and black heads.
  • Cebatrol Pads– See above.
  • Aknetrol– this is a 10% Benzoyl Peroxide lotion. It helps to reduce oil and increases cell turn over. When used in combination with the Salicylic in the Cebatrol pads, it helps to kill the bacteria that causes acne. (Propionibacterium, or better known as p. acnes.bacteria)
  •  Offects Intense Eye Repair– this eye cream uses retinols and peptides to gently exfoliate the delicate skin around the eyes. This improves fine lines, wrinkles and the overall texture and tone of the skin. It also contains optical diffusers to reduce the appearance of dark circles, as well as soothing agents that help to decrease puffiness.

I also use the Offects Sulfur Masque occasionally as both a mask, and a spot treatment. It delivers maximum strength sulfur medication to acne blemishes. Can be used on face, neck, chest and back!

Ask me about the new ZO 3- step peel that we now offer. I have just finished my 3rd one and my skin looks incredible!


If you are interested in having your own skin care regimen, call our office today to schedule your complimentary consultation with Aesthetician Emily McLaughlin at our RiverSide location.

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Alison Kuzoian Alison Kuzoian Aesthetician/Skincare Specialist

Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for tuning back in! My name is Alison Kuzoian and I wanted to take a moment to share with you my skin care regimen. Here at PVPS we stand by our commitment to our patients by insuring you get the results you expect. We are able to assist in your expectations by insuring we give you the proper regimens that will work for you based on your concerns and skin type. Our knowledge, experience and our own journey to finding the right skin care for ourselves all contribute to insuring you are confident and happy in your own skin too!

I have acne prone skin with large pores and a Normal/Oily skin type. When choosing products for my skin I focus on Anti-Aging products along with products that will maintain my acne, diminish pores, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and also correct past sun damage.  I do not have sensitive skin so my approach can be a little more aggressive. Since using ZO Skin Health by Obagi products, I have noticed a dramatic change in my skin and feel that this is the best skincare regimen for me! I would like to share with you my morning and night routine with the ZO Skin Health line.

Alison’s Daily Skincare Regimen




ZO Foamacleanse

ZO Foamacleanse

ZO Vitascrub

ZO TE Pads

ZO TE Pads

ZO Retamax

ZO Ossential Dail Power Defense


ZO Brightenex .5%

ZO Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30


If you are interested in having your own skin care regimen, call our office today to schedule your complimentary consultation with Aesthetician Alison Kuzoian at our Nocatee location.


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