“Don’t Sweat it, SCULP(t) it…”

SculpSure and it’s innovative laser technology offers several advantages over Coolsculpting in regards to performance, time, and a reduction in risk of complications. The drastic differences between the two have been listed below.




SculpSure can treat multiple areas at the same time (up to 4 areas) in 25 minutes VS  Coolsculpting can only target one area per treatment in 60 minutes.
SculpSure ensures comfort by utilizing flat applicators that do not use a suction method. Also, is able to treat even the smallest amount of stubborn fat. VS The applicators used in Coolsculpting require enough “pinchable” fat that is able to be pulled and sucked up into the applicator for treatment. If the problem area is not large enough to fit in the suction, it can not be treated.
 You can repeat SculpSure treatments on the same area after 6 weeks, SculpSure also has the ability to reach your optimal results in just one treatment. VS Coolsculpting patients are required two or more treatments to achieve their desired result.
 SculpSure patients have not reported pain or discomfort following treatment. VS Those who had Coolsculpting have reported numbness, pain and bruising that can last for weeks post treatment. Also, research is now revealing that Coolsculpting can cause more severe complications such as delayed onset pain and even nerve damage. 
SculpSure utilizes laser technology to heat the fat cells to release them from the tissue to be naturally eliminated by the body. Treatment is described as a warm soothing sensation and does not pose any threats to the nerves or the treated tissues. VS  Coolsculpting uses a process called Cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells. This method can cause nerve damage and pain. 

After seeing the vast differences between the two, its easy to admit SculpSure is the best choice!

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