Go See The Brow Expert…


I have always been plagued my entire life with not so “on fleek brows.” I plucked at them so much as a teenager, having no clue what I was doing. This resulted in uneven brows, as far as shape, length and fullness. I also had light colored and very thin hairs in some areas.  I would attempt to fill them in on my own, plagued that each day they looked different which also drove me insane. When microblading became a trend, I did some research and was thrilled when PVPS decided to bring it on board. Alison Kuzoian the Aesthetician at our Nocatee location has had 7 years experience in permanent makeup and 2 years in the microblading technique. I saw her before and after pictures and felt extremely confident in her ability to do a phenomenal job!

I met with Alison and she explained to me how the procedure would go and asked what I would like my brows to look like. I showed her some pictures of eyebrows that I liked, and explained to her what I did not like about my own brows. Alison then used an eyebrow pencil to draw the “new eyebrows” to show me an example of how it would look. I definitely approved of the pre-drawn shape and fullness! I laid back while numbing cream was applied and Alison found the correct color that matched my natural brow hair color. The color match was perfect and I was so thrilled! The overall time and procedure spent with Alison was about 2 hours, so please plan for that time. The hair strokes are manually done and take precision and perfection…don’t ever rush perfection! The pain is minimal and with my amazing results, I would definitely do it again!

I left the office with beautiful brows, minimal swelling and no discomfort. I was given post procedure instructions to follow for the next seven days. I am due to go back in 4 weeks for a touch up and then will be good to go! My confidence level has boosted and it is so comforting to know I don’t have to stress about filling in my eyebrows and can now get away with just mascara on the days I want to be laid back. I can now say I have beautiful brows. I have Alison and PVPS to thank for that!

The below pictures were taken directly before and after the procedure.


Written by: Audra Kelley

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“Don’t Sweat it, SCULP(t) it…”

SculpSure and it’s innovative laser technology offers several advantages over Coolsculpting in regards to performance, time, and a reduction in risk of complications. The drastic differences between the two have been listed below.




SculpSure can treat multiple areas at the same time (up to 4 areas) in 25 minutes VS  Coolsculpting can only target one area per treatment in 60 minutes.
SculpSure ensures comfort by utilizing flat applicators that do not use a suction method. Also, is able to treat even the smallest amount of stubborn fat. VS The applicators used in Coolsculpting require enough “pinchable” fat that is able to be pulled and sucked up into the applicator for treatment. If the problem area is not large enough to fit in the suction, it can not be treated.
 You can repeat SculpSure treatments on the same area after 6 weeks, SculpSure also has the ability to reach your optimal results in just one treatment. VS Coolsculpting patients are required two or more treatments to achieve their desired result.
 SculpSure patients have not reported pain or discomfort following treatment. VS Those who had Coolsculpting have reported numbness, pain and bruising that can last for weeks post treatment. Also, research is now revealing that Coolsculpting can cause more severe complications such as delayed onset pain and even nerve damage. 
SculpSure utilizes laser technology to heat the fat cells to release them from the tissue to be naturally eliminated by the body. Treatment is described as a warm soothing sensation and does not pose any threats to the nerves or the treated tissues. VS  Coolsculpting uses a process called Cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells. This method can cause nerve damage and pain. 

After seeing the vast differences between the two, its easy to admit SculpSure is the best choice!

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“I Spy With My Little Eye…”

You look in the mirror and begin to notice dark spots that may not have been there before, or maybe you have had them for awhile and you finally are deciding to research ways to rid them of your skin. These dark spots you see are called sun spots, the ultimate reminder that the summer was hot and long!

The summer heat brings summer sun spots and at PVPS we offer many different treatments to help eliminate them.  Some of our most popular treatments are the BBL and the HALO. BBL has been used traditionally to treat brown and red pigmentation on the face and body and HALO resurfacing treats pigmentation, pores, fine lines, acne scars, and overall skin texture. In addition to our very popular Broadband Light Laser (BBL) and HALO resurfacing treatments, we’ve also added the NanoPeel and MicroPeel.

 The NanoPeel is best described as a ‘polishing’ of the skin in addition to treating pigmentation and is a great compliment to BBL treatments.  The NanoPeel consists of little downtime and is a great ‘over the weekend’ treatment, as far as peeling goes. The face and body (including hands, feet, etc) can be treated with the Nanopeel, but require multiple treatments for best results. The MicroPeel is a deeper laser treatment which requires more downtime and recovery, but less treatments.

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Claudette Walker Written by: Claudette Walker, ARNP

Reclaim, Restore and Revive with ThermiVa


Thermiva 1

What is ThermiVa?

When I first heard about ThermiVa and what it did I giggled to myself and thought “No way”, but after some research about the treatment and all the benefits I then decided to speak with our Nurse Practioner Suzanne Reibling  to hear more about it. I was amazed how simple the process was, and how long the results lasts.  In the beginning I was interested in the treatment because it helped with urinary incontinence, but when I found out the other advantages, such as vaginal laxity, lubrication and the overall physical appearance I was sold.

I was a little intimidated walking in for my first treatment but Suzanne’s professionalism and calm demeanor immediately put my nerves at ease.  After Suzanne thoroughly explained the process she made me feel so comfortable, and she even shared her personal experience and told me about her amazing results. To be honest, it was easier than visiting the OBGYN and the treatment only took thirty minutes! Suzanne uses a small diameter wand that uses radio-frequency energy to heat the vaginal tissue which rejuvenates collagen. There was no discomfort or downtime. Suzanne and I chatted through the treatment, and before I knew it we were finished. When I saw results, after just one treatment, I was enthralled by how cosmetically appealing it was. It had a youthful appearance and I noticed an immediate improvement with my urinary incontinence.  Other than Botox, this was one of the best things I have done for myself. I am extremely happy with the results and I am proud to share my experience.  Trust me ladies ….it is worth it.

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Beth Griffin Written by Beth Griffin – Patient Care Coordinator




PVPS Presents: Plant the seeds for a beautiful tomorrow…

Join Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery for an exclusive luncheon sponsored by OBAGI Medical.  Our EXPERTS in attendance include Dr. Paul Scioscia, PVPS Plastic Surgeon, and OBAGI Medical Education Manager, Genevieve Wohland.
11:30AM – 1:00PM
Registration and early shopping begins at 10am!





Don’t forget to RSVP by Friday, April 3!!!

•    OBAGI Mother’s Day kits are BACK and they are 20% OFF at the event.  Mother’s Day kit includes 1 Elastiderm Eye Cream and 1 Elastiderm Eye Serum (retail value $208) EVENT PRICE: $83.20
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•    Each attendee will receive the coveted PVPS Gold Deal Book… filled with extended coupons to PVPS and all of our sponsors!

OBAGI has some very exciting NEW products that we will be launching at this special event… including OBAGI 360 and Neotensil.

PRESENTATIONS: Include information regarding NEW injectable fillers, facial rejuvenation and how to know if you’re a candidate for surgery.  OBAGI Medical is excited to launch several new proudcts including OBAGI 360 and Neotensil!  Plus, don’t miss out on tons of door prizes, local vendors and special discounts.

SPECIAL GUESTS:  The McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation will be at the event with their LIV-N-GRACE bracelets.  Find out more about them at caregivegrow.org

BRING A FRIEND!  A FREE GIFT (valued at over $75) will be given to each guests that brings a “NEW TO PVPS” friend.  Ask for details.

A $35* pre-payment will be collected to reserve your seat.  Don’t worry, the $35 pre-payment will be applied to your OBAGI purchase during the event.  (pre-payment is non-refundable, some limitations may apply)

Welcome Doctors Hollie Hickman and Erez Sternberg

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 3.26.09 PMWe are proud to announce the addition of Drs. Erez Sternberg and Hollie Hickman to our team, formerly of TruYou Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. “I can’t think of a better way to kick-off Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery’s 20th year than with the addition of two outstanding young plastic surgeons.” says Dr. Cayce Rumsey, founder of Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery (PVPS). “Drs. Erez Sternberg and Hollie Hickman have already begun building solid reputations as two of the top up-and-coming plastic surgeons in Jacksonville. Their commitment to utilizing the latest technology and surgical techniques in providing first-class patient care and customer service fits perfectly with our mission at PVPS.”
On behalf of our practice, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for considering PVPS a trusted source for plastic and reconstructive procedures. At PVPS we strive to educate and inform the community about the procedures we perform. Our providers and staff are dedicated to providing the most proven and advanced plastic and reconstructive procedures.
PVPS offers several area locations to better serve our patients. Our state-licensed ambulatory surgery center is located in Ponte Vedra Beach. This 12,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility offers our patients the highest quality care in a respectful, discreet environment. Our current Southside office located of Point Meadows Drive will relocate to the TruYou location at 7711 Baymeadows Road East Ste. 6, Jacksonville, FL 32256. Connie Jongewaard, ARNP, and Andrea Bailey, Aesthetician, are now currently seeing patients at this new location. Dr. Robert Burk also sees patients at this location twice per month. This location will continue to be the main location for Drs. Sternberg and Hickman. Other PVPS locations include Riverside, Amelia Island and St. Augustine.
Thank you for your continued patronage and we look forward to seeing you in 2014!
Adrian Gibbs
Community Relations Manager

Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery